The Wellington Hall

Wellington Hall

Before the national school system was introduced the parish of St. Nicholas was responsible for educating all the children of the parish. Regardless of faith, local children attended the Wellington School / St Nicholas’s Male and Female School which was under the supervision of Rev. Elias Thackeray. While the school was of the Protestant ethos, the school provided for the educational needs of all children in the town.

Years later the school became the Wellington Hall and was a home for a local scout group and their headquarters until they merged with other Dundalk groups. In 2012, nearly two hundred years after it was built, the Wellington Hall was refurbished for the purpose of the local community. St. Nicholas’s Parish Church and the Wellington hall have gone on to provide a venue for many local concerts and shows. In 2019, St. Nicholas’s National School, the local Church of Ireland school, took up temporary residence in the Wellington Hall while their building project is under way.